Product Updates

Stay up-to-date with TestingBot's latest product updates.


Geolocation Testing Countries Added

We've added more countries to our geolocation feature.

With Geolocation testing, you can test your website or mobile app from various locations around the world. For automated testing, we have the testingbot.geoCountryCode capability and for manual testing you can select a country from the dropdown list.

Today we've added the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Finland
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Poland

Cypress 9.1.0

TestingBot now supports Cypress 9.1.0 for automated cross browser testing.

Run your Cypress tests on TestingBot for increased coverage and performance. More information is available in our Cypress Docs.


Screen Reader support for Windows

We've added support for the NVDA Windows Screen Reader on all our Windows VMs. You can now enable and test your websites with this popular Windows screen-reader.

TestingBot provides several accessibility testing features, including Voice Over support on macOS VMs, NVDA on Windows and automated accessibility testing.


Firefox 94, Chrome 96, Opera 81

Today we've added Firefox 94, Chrome 96 and Opera 81 to the TestingBot browser grid. Happy Testing!


Screen Reader on macOS

TestingBot now supports Accessibility Testing with VoiceOver on macOS during manual testing.

You will find a new Screen Reader button which will enable VoiceOver on the macOS VM and stream the audio to your browser.


Selenium 4 Official Release

We've added the official release for Selenium 4 to the TestingBot browser grid.

Previously, TestingBot users were able to run Selenium tests with the alpha and beta versions of Selenium 4, now we've added support for the most recent release of Selenium 4.

To find out more on how to use Selenium 4 with your tests, please see our Selenium 4 documentation.


Windows 11 Testing

Windows 11 is now available for Automated and Manual Testing.

Test on hundreds of browser + version combinations on Microsoft Window's latest version: Windows 11.


Firefox 93, Chrome 95 and Edge 95

We've added Firefox 93, Chrome 95 and Edge 95 to the TestingBot browser grid. Enjoy!


Edge 94 and Opera 79

Today we've added Edge 94 and Opera 79 to the TestingBot browser grid. Enjoy!


Chrome 94

Chrome 94 has been added. This latest version offers support for WebGPU and WebCodecs. Happy Testing!


iOS 15 (beta)

Today we've added iOS 15 (beta) testing on physical iOS devices. Run your automated and manual tests on our new iPad (8th generation) device with iOS 15 beta installed.

Make sure your website works on the new mobile iOS safari running on iOS 15 - and test your native mobile apps on Apple's upcoming iOS 15.

Testing on beta configurations is a great way to make sure your website and mobile apps work on upcoming devices/operating systems before these hit the general public.